About Us

Xia Guang Hua long-term cooperation with all major banks in financial services companies, for the financing of small business owners and individual customers to provide professional consulting services to solve your financial problems. Include personal credit loans, consumer credit, in Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen credit card loans, Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen University students ' credit loans credit loans students interest-free loans, Xiamen, Xiamen University students loans, small personal ID card loans, loans, loans, only identity cards in Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen ID card personal ID card loans. Our company is specializing in mortgage loans, mortgage loan advice, investment advice, economic information and consulting services. Kwong Wah neither illegal deposit-taking financial services company in Xiamen, nor lend themselves, primarily through the legal process for borrowers and broker, helping investors picked safe investments, find legal sources of funding for the needed funds.