Product introduction

Procedures to safeguard their interests

mortgage credits rated by easing Bank lending long waiting times, is now the general situation of housing loans of commercial banks, earlier for people with housing needs, mortgage plan did not seem to be too easy. Especially in second-hand House transactions, loan of oppression that many buyers and sellers feel a headache, we tend to lump-sum payments cash, buyers also have the ability to buy a house in the current real estate market is very popular. But Fuzhou loan purchases by small series to remind friends, if full payment of purchase, please make sure that you have got the certificate, otherwise there may be empty.

in accordance with the normal property transaction procedure, a one-time payment of housing mortgage buyers are much more convenient, and for sellers to get real money more quickly, without waiting time. For buyers, however, professional advice, buying a House should be agreed upon in the deal step by step, write some key steps to the best real estate deals in the contract, at the same time to different stages in the trading program, you can choose to pay for this phase of the Housing Fund, rather than think the deal easily after the disbursement of funds.

in second-hand trading in the in handed pieces-paid Hou, Bureau of related system platform Shang can check out to current of housing main, but this does not said the sets property of has people is homeowners, but said purchase who purchase property Hou has paid has meet tax, in this when purchase who should also no got housing property card, last of tail paragraph should in took card Hou again for paid.

industry insiders also suggest that buyers, Bank managed funds operations room set up by the Government is the most safe and reliable, not for fear of problems that have resulted in more serious trouble. Hold no funds managed by seller, also has its sign according to retention, such as stipulated in the contract only after solving the problem. The quality of real estate agents and bad consumers according to their own information or understanding to the situation, not by unscrupulous intermediaries making the wrong Guide.