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Regulatory restrictions shrinking loan demand

current of Bank loan business main to enterprise loan mainly, but also has many bank according to market needs launched has has features targeted of a loan business, however in some area these Bank main push of a loan business does not by good effect, instead is appeared has must range of needs atrophy, this is how a situation does? according to Fuzhou loan small series understand, by financial regulatory policy of limit, Nanjing area of personal credit loan business significantly reduced, originally promote personal consumption, and Purpose of boosting consumer demand did not materialize fully.

in recent years Bank consumption loan business frequently out new, different Bank for different level needs of crowd launched has personalized of loan service, people buy car, and home, and school, and tourism, are can to Bank application consumption loan, had personal consumption loan also quite by welcomes, however with time of over silver prison will issued has more harsh of regulatory policy, for personal consumption loan of uses made has clear of indicates.

in accordance with the requirements of the relevant policy, after a customer applying for a personal loan, you need to provide loan funds to the consumption invoice or contract, to prove the correct flow of funds. Also apply for loan funds to reach a certain amount of time, is directly into consumer transactions on the account of the seller, for many consumers, the operation has a lot of limitations, but for banks to monitor capital flows more effectively.

when credit when applying for the funds does not exceed 300,000, money will be entered in the accounts of the applicant, but probably because of insufficient funds of the applicant needs its own additional replenishment funds, and provide proof of consumption. Bank insiders said that in the actual loan demand, demand for mortgage loans accounted for the largest part, real consumer demand needed for very little money, when I was lax regulation, many consumers was met through the loan of mortgage funding gap, and now, unless you have provided false information, or simply unable to get bank loans to supplement mortgage.