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Bank extrusion line of mortgage lending

the final months of the end of last year, Countrywide Home loans of commercial banks almost stopped lending, and a large number of people who still have a demand for housing loans, until earlier this year when bank lending a more relaxed, then the mortgage processing. However it is because of this, the mortgage earlier this year appeared to apply for jams, many commercial banks in lending there is no clear case, temporarily slowed the processing of mortgage and corporate lending.

as all buyers want it, earlier this year, as in previous years, when bank lending would loose a lot compared to years ago, following a number of years ago after applying for loans, mortgage applications will continue to reach for new year. According to the Fuzhou loan small learned that home loans in addition to the outside gradually began to move forward slowly, there are some commercial banks provided a discount rate, compared to last year in the benchmark interest rate of the mortgage, can apply for preferential loans to 90 percent of buyers is very good.

of course, not all banks are able to ensure that there are sufficient funds to maintain the mortgage, there are also some joint-stock banks such as Huaxia Bank, years ago is completely in stop State, not just into the new year Bank funds sufficiency, such cases mortgage lenders not only difficult, not interest rate discount can enjoy. Small suggested that early people with mortgage demand, may as well run banks look more successfully apply for mortgages is no problem.

industry analysts, slightly easing the amount of the mortgage at the beginning there is a lot of pressure, and also has a lot of squeezing demand for loans did not meet last year, now new year people flock to is putting big pressure on Bank mortgage business. Lenders in the application order, new demand for mortgage loans should be ranked after the lunar new year Spring Festival. Also expected, discount first home mortgage rates no longer appear lower, some commercial banks to adjust allocations, even higher mortgage interest rates.