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Small property where clear

from the end of the third plenary session to determine the direction of current housing policy reform, Beijing took the lead in local small property for a full cleaning, small property to positive when they had no hope of. And after that, Fuzhou loan network also learned that in land and resources Bureau and the Housing Department and other departments for the next, more provinces are involved in the investigation of the small property in order to implement the actions identified small property is illegal construction, construction of various loopholes, walking a small property, are not to be allowed by the competent Department of the Government.

the various provincial departments fully cooperate with joint small property inventory work, has been in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan, and other parts of the urban areas to implement the demolition of a small property, there are many provinces and cities have also started corresponding Mo Pai, small property is currently way out has been very clear. In fact, as early as several years ago, the State issued illegal structures built by small property notice, partially enclosed removed cleanup and organization, through comprehensive reform of the third plenary session of the real estate policy now, dose the small property need not know.

rural land use and operation must be performed strictly in accordance with the land use planning policies, small property appear completely deviates from this principle, be of harm to domestic land market operations, disrupting the order of the real estate market, affecting social stability and potentially hazardous.

based on practical means of punishment, let everyone know that small property has always been illegal, demolition construction of serious irregularities in the project, is to let everyone see the correct policies and regulations to avoid consumer guide by opinion and incorrect ideas, suffered economic losses. Indeed, the low price for small property in an age of rising house prices, is a solutions meet the housing needs of people, especially low-income families, could not afford the mortgage cannot afford to buy real estate, and not be eligible for the Government's affordable housing, but people's demands to be met.

invisible small property appear precisely meet the housing needs of this part of the sandwich group, although there is a certain degree of mortgage restrictions. But, in General, does not affect the purchase of small property. While small property is a product for a specific period, with some of the problems left over by history, in the cleanup investigate complex cases, but also takes a very long time.