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Real property policy will be introduced this year whether the housing market will be affected

housing information statistical work in the country on and off struggling, originally developed by information networking as the steeplechase has not been achieved, a multi-year national housing statistics have many helped, but the actual progress in the implementation of the results are unsatisfactory. First go to 2014 new year, loan network information coming to their knowledge in Fuzhou, has been reported in June of this year, will introduce real estate regulations, to support personal housing information statistical work, a good start.

implementation of this system, but also personal housing information will be the basis for a comprehensive implementation of networking. Both from a technical as well as on data collection, individual housing information to achieve comprehensive statistics and network standard is still very difficult, worried about the impact disclosure of personal property security, indirectly affect the social effects of corruption, and so on, is of concern to the public community. But he has said the authorities, even if the housing information system network, it does not mean that one can query is not restricted, and violations of personal privacy is not allowed in an open system will have the appropriate procedures and specifications.

early reported out real estate Ordinance of related developed, has industry people also on this year of property market made has part judge, many people think, in real estate registration statistics of effect Xia, with real estate tax of levy, more suite has who must in tax paid Shang, need pay more of funds cost, in must conditions Xia second-hand market must joint appeared changes, some to illegal means has more sets property, and has speculation investment tendencies of groups, will bear due of tax burden. As for legitimate property owners, will be subject to legal guarantees and rights.

real estate selling the same as last year, policy changes will also appear this year real estate selling within a certain range, but the total amount of property involved will not be too high, second-hand house prices do not get too much volatility in the market, the amount of the mortgage early and has not let go of this year whether there will be stop being on the sidelines throughout the year. However information registration brought substantial benefits, does normal more perfect, personal property to receive more comprehensive regulation.