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Early mortgage is still waiting for business to relax

stepping into the new year, and see how bank credit does not appear to show a more pleasant situation, but probably because the line of credit this year has not yet actually issued, is the song is tight or only temporarily slow down. Fuzhou loans made to understand, there are already parts of banks eased Enterprise small loans and credit lending, mortgage this one but there are no signs of any advances. New year Bank business operations into a new round of games, credit markets are changing quietly.

Bank insiders said that banks ' credit structure adjustment, and lines of credit are not actually issued, thus the beginning of the mortgage squeeze should also be subject to other loan business. Not only bank at the time of the end of last year to suspend mortgage is the mortgage limit tensions throughout the year, but because the attitude of the banks facing mortgage changes, waiting for the lender's mortgage customers a lot. It is predicted that in this year's line of credit issued, or will it mainly to SME loans and personal lines of credit, line of mortgage how much can be achieved remains to be seen.

in addition to a number of foreign banks that consumer credit increased discounts during the new year period, the introduction of different levels of preferential interest rate credit business, to attract quality customers. We also found that in the understanding, the Bank focuses on the financial operations are not the same, so some banks for mortgages without any concessions, but some banks introduced part of the lending rate, in accordance with the degree of loose credit, every attitude of the banks towards mortgage slightly differently.

changes in financial market, banks are starting to focus on main consumer credit, in accordance with the established credit characteristics at the beginning, all kinds of loans there are still signs of loosening, but still is not on the mortgage is Bank bullish on, and in the wake of market-oriented interest rate this year is bound to be market interest rate volatility, major changes in currency markets this year.