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Thorough investigation of small property sales increase the intensity control

the eve of the third plenary session of the year, small property policy change envisioned by real estate market, in the hope that there is positive day, which led to nationwide's house property, in silence for some time and then appear again and again on the housing market. Potential of the small property developers policy changes and a small property opportunity consists of white or black flag, and at a low price attracts buyers, obviously see there is plenty of demand in the housing market, but high prices deter buyers.

small property in this environment once again shot, certainly meets the demand of homebuyers and housing needs, from this perspective, our Government to solve the housing needs of the people there is a lot of work to do. Yet small property is illegal, loan policy information from Fuzhou, small property to the path of formal channels is difficult, and cleaning up the small property Combs real estate market, it is the regional government regulators now will focus on.

House property renovation work began very early in Beijing area specific clearance today for small property cleanup more serious attitude. Not only open more than more than 80 small property projects and small property boundaries will be billed out, full construction of all small property in the local area to be addressed. Punishment and strict, some typical major projects but also to inform the public, to undertake the projects to be jointly and severally liable for such punishment. A series of small property construction, sale of business units, to pursue the appropriate responsibility.

containing added from the source, for projects to clean up removal to prevent continued on an already built house property control transactions by controlling the medium containing small property is sold. Involve related links units will receive due punishment.