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Policy changes the peasants House to mortgage

with the development of real estate market, real estate is becoming more and more important role in people's minds, people also have a strong sense of the concept of the House. So far, real estate in addition to living things, it is also used for investment, financing and other aspects, especially in the financial markets are open now, real estate secured loans for the purpose of financial funds, is already very common thing. Fuzhou loan small believes that modern concept of financial planning concepts with real estate, a huge shift, people's thinking has become more receptive to new things and ideas.

in the modern economy, we are no longer limited to how much money how much money to buy goods, ahead of improving the material life, is a very common phenomenon in modern economic life. Personally, the greatest wealth is often in the hands of real estate through real estate market continues to change, property values are also growing exponentially, and this is the reason for investment in real estate projects can be used to. But when we can use mortgage financing, masses in rural areas due to the different environment, different nature of the land, rural property often does not have some features of the urban real estate, such as bank loans.

indeed, because the nature of the relationship between rural land, rural property often cannot be evaluated right and therefore cannot provide proof of allowing farmers to mortgage, such cases, according to the Bank's loan provisions, is not through the relevant audit requirements. But with the 18 session on the review of rural land, we have realized that a forgotten piece of policy gaps, now needs to be changed accordingly.

This is the reason many parts in a variety of different loan policies, recently in the Xiamen area, regarding the implementation of the first to Homestead for a mortgage loan, which is also in the area of innovation for the first time. Rural houses enter the mortgage program, farmers a means of financing, which is a change in residential projects for rural land, and of the success of the pilot project in this will concern the effect of future implementation across the country. Rural land circulation, will certainly bring about transformation of rural land policy, appropriate rural housing construction can have a corresponding right to assess, is the things that farmers most care about.