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Real estate market in the future whether or not he will cancel the purchase

plenary session overnight in most cities seem to have reached an agreement, all strengthened policies for regulating the real estate market, down payment on a second home mortgage rates in General, purchasing policy within the limit pressure again. Under such a mechanism, also leave the end of the housing market is extremely calm, and does not appear too big price fluctuations, many purchasing needs of consumers are starting to see. For such a phenomenon, some people began to speculate that early next year the housing market situation, basically that under such high pressure, fluctuations in the housing market no longer appear too, even can cause the decline in housing prices in some cities, so some of the sluggish sales market, do you have let go of a restriction may, policy loosened will allow property prices to release a number of demands.

Guangzhou Bureau a few days ago part of the intention to release the purchase attempt next year, but the industry has to release the restriction was not supported, and think the demand is still very strong, regulatory restrictions loose part caused the rise in demand, in short supply in housing market conditions will play, pushing up house prices will produce.

but loans understand other views in Fuzhou, also have supported easing, they release the purchase policy is rational, responsive to developments in the housing market, and can pilot from a part of the city, with the relaxation of the policy response to stimulate the housing market, more ready to grasp the weakness of market regulation. But the current conditions in the housing market also has relax restrictions, will have to wait for a more mature market opportunity.

now national affordable housing and related real estate tax laws has not been perfect, the third plenary session of major issues for the real estate industry solutions has not been fully implemented, the future trend of the property market now can't tell at the moment.

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